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No News is Good News

A police officer in Uganda has reportedly shot a tortoise dead after being attacked by the “aggressive”
I read this. I read it twice . I read it thrice. Oh I missed out the fact that I laughed straight for 10 minutes after reading it the second time. An aggressive tortoise ? Wow. I do not know what or whom to trust.What’s next I wonder. A Bat attempts to rape woman? Cat caught with human slave? Wait ! That might happen sooner than you think.

Man accidentally joins Antarctic expedition.
This was inspiring for me. The other day I told myself I was getting too clumsy because I accidentally forgot to turn off my PC before leaving for a holiday.My mom called me careless and butterfingers because I accidentally spilt a glass of Coke on the new couch.And then I see this. Motivating.At least I don’t end up in the South Pole accidentally!

Ram attacks and destroys drone.
By Ram I don’t mean the Hindu Deity. That’d be absurd. On the other hand , this might be absurd-er. Ram , the goat like mammal who feeds on leaves and weeds.That destroyed a Drone. This animal thing is beginning to give me the creeps.

Man accidentally displays porn on big screen in China.
Now I’m confident that I’m the most careful person ever. Come on , screen handler guy , you had one bloody job.

News is now in the intersection of Information and Recreation, slowly moving towards the latter.