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Darth Empathy

I have always loved Star Wars , like a million other people. I’ve not only seen the movies multiple times, but also delved into a fair amount of Expanded Universe novels.
I relate better to the Prequel era. Before you quit reading , let me explain .
First , Better special effects – there’s no denying it , the movies in the 2000s had much better graphics and looked amazing. Yoda looked more – real.
Second , I’ve always felt so sorry and sad for Anakin. I feel as if he was duped . He was wrong , of course, but also fooled I believe. He lost his wife. Lost his best friend. Lost his body. Also partly his soul.
So I’ve always empathised with Anakin. There was a book that featured his full life from his point of view. How he felt throughout the betrayal, after it.
But eventually he did fulfil the prophecy. He met his son . He was reunited with his master and friend. Star Wars musings are always so enlightening .