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Humorously Yours.

So I am an introvert.I am shy.I am almost misanthropic. It’s just how my brains wired. I’m generally skeptical about completely opening up , because somewhere I feel I’ll end up alienating the few people who actually care. Hence this blog.
The blog , yeah I want to vent out , think aloud , and speak my mind without the fear of being judged.I may come about as snotty but I’m not. This blog will be about,well, how I feel about everything under the sun.
Still here? I am not a funny person , but my view of the world makes most people laugh , hence I put up that exterior most of the time , gaining me some friends at the most.
This blog will also feature , let’s call it Z. Z is something I’ve always wanted since the past 8 years of my life. What is Z? Read on and find out. Views always welcome.( see ? I’m not snotty)