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Oh My Sod

I’m an atheist . I do not believe in God . So , like everything else , I’m free to criticise and scrutinise God .
To start with , The Hindu religion has 330 million deities. I’m not even kidding , look it up.( Oh I’m supposed to be Hindu too , so do not get offended).
330 million. Damn.
I’m supposing there must have been a time when the number of Gods actually exceeded the number of devotees.
3-4 Gods per devotee.( talk about the good old days , eh) . Even the average human head has 100,000 strands of hair. I say again , Damn.
One of the most prevailing and popular ritual is the fast. Fasting is a process in which a person is supposed to not eat , in order to please his/her deity , and convince him to forgive his convalesces or to ask for something. Most people ask for money , which they will again spend on (surprise , surprise!) – Food. Smart.
But I think this logic is pretty sound and works. Look at Africa . Hungry people and millions of diamonds. Works.
Oh my Sod.