Sheep kill sleep.

The other day , I had an exam. Had to wake up at 6.
The previous night , I thought about staying up till 12 , hoping 6 hours of sleep might just be enough rest. I laugh when I think about that now.

12. Tucked in , a little excited , taking off the wrist watch , glasses and the drill. As my eyes are closed , I decide to just count sheep and I’m off to sleep. I remember that when I reached 17 , it started a complete different train of thought.17 is how old I am now , so I start thinking off all the stuff I’m going to do the second I turn 18. Just to be clear , this only means stuff like driving a car and voting.It may seem regular and mediocre , but it sure as hell doesn’t seem so when you’re almost 18. Then I started fantasising about taking long drives with Z. The love of my life. That got my heart racing a little. I open my eyes to take a sip of water , and happen to get a glimpse of my watch.2:15 it screams. 2:15. That’s like 4, no ! not even 4 complete hours of sleep ! Not even if I somehow immediately go to sleep! As my brain calculates , the excitement sustains. Increased Heart Rate = no sleep.

This was my plight till about 2 more hours , eyes closed , tucked in but still not asleep. Oh and I say 2 hours because I remember the last time I saw the watch that night it was 4:10.
Anyway the exam went well , My head hurt a little, but it was tolerable.I slept like a log after I got home. Bliss. Total Bliss.

Moral? Don’t count sodding sheep in order to fall asleep.

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